A seahorse close up!

Do You Really Want Seahorses?

No doubt about it, seahorses are really weird and cool. For sure, they make great aquarium subjects. Seahorses are fairly simple to keep if they are housed in the proper type of aquarium system, kept with mellow, peaceful tankmates and offered the right sort of foods. But are they worth it? That depends upon the …

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Controlling phosphate in your Reef Tank

Controlling Phosphate in Saltwater Aquaria

To take on the responsibility of maintaining a marine aquarium is to take a crash course in water chemistry. By the time you’ve successfully navigated the nitrogen cycle, you’re already faced with new, threatening chemical imbalances. Of these, one of the most persistent (though frequently unnoticed) is excessive phosphate. Perhaps the best way to start …

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Copepods: The Ocean’s Cornucopia

In 1905, an engineering mishap caused the Colorado River to flood a shallow basin over the San Andreas Fault in California. With evaporation rates that exceeded rates of inflow, the massive lake began to increase in salinity; Salton Lake was born. Soon, this artificially (and indeed accidentally) made inland sea would develop its own rich …

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BIOTA Orangetail Damsel

A Look at the Orangetail Damselfish (Chrysiptera Parasema)

Damselfishes (Family Pomacentridae) like the orangetail damselfish have been heavily favored by marine aquarists ever since there was a thing called a marine aquarium. There are plenty of reasons for this lasting popularity. First and foremost, damsels are among the hardiest of saltwater aquarium fishes. They are usually brightly colored and remain quite small in …

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