BIOTA Green Mandarin

Synchiropus splendidus

Captive Bred Biota Green Dragonet

Our Biota Captive Bred Mandarins offer a hardy and sustainable alternative to wild-caught specimens with easier care requirements. Trained on a diet of Live and Frozen foods, your Mandarin can graze naturally on Pods during the day and fatten up on frozen foods at feeding time. See below for detailed diet information.


Disclaimer regarding gender of the Captive Bred Mandarin Dragonet

We at AlgaeBarn will try our hardest to accurately identify the gender of the Mandarin Dragonet. Since these fish are small and the males can sometimes show aggression towards other males, their dorsal fin can sometimes be slightly damaged (which will heal with time). We may accidentally send the wrong gender and it may show with time. We do not guarantee the gender of the mandarin Dragonet.

+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 89 PodPoints.