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A reef tank is not complete without a clownfish; every tank has to have at least one, if not more. It is not just because every other tank has one, but because they are truly unique fish in so many ways. They are actually in the same family as damselfish and are even classified as damselfish. They are unlike any damselfish though. Clowns are not regarded as aggressive fish like some other damsels. They are generally peaceful, except when it comes to other fish of their kind. Even then, they are more likely to get along with each other than other species would get along with each other. It is not uncommon to find clowns in pairs or even large groups in the aquarium hobby. Along with that, clowns are easy to care for. They will eat any frozen or dried fish food you feed your tank. They are hardy and spend most of their time swimming in the open water column, making them a great beginner fish. Don’t be mistaken though, this fish is for all levels of experience. These fish are set apart by their one of a kind coloration and their odd swimming style. Most fish swim back and forth in constant movement, but clowns do an up and down motion. Another thing that attracts many hobbyists to this fish is its potential symbiotic relationship with anemones, which is also why they are sometimes called anemonefish. Clownfish are very popular in the hobby, but for good reason. Fortunately, AlgaeBarn sells captive-bred clownfish, so head over to the web store to see what you can find.

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