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Although this premium macroalga has all the same benefits of the average chaeto or sea lettuce, it has a certain aesthetic appeal that makes it more desirable to have in your refugium or even in your display tank. It would not be surprising if you wanted to put these macroalgae in your main display tank just for the purpose of looks. You have different options for premium red macroalgae and even blue macroalgae. Blue hypnea (Hypnea pannosa) is a fantastically stunning blue seaweed that is great for refugium keepers that are in the intermediate to the expert range. This seaweed favors moderate water flow and brighter lighting. The Dragon’s Tounge (Halymenia dilatata) is another equally attractive macroalgae. It is red with firey orange tips that certainly catch some eyes. It is very popular among reef aquarists and is frequently used as ornamental macroalgae. It will definitely catch some eyes. Still, it is capable of assisting you with steady nutrient export. No wonder this alga is so popular; it looks amazing and is useful at the same time.

If you are having problems with other types of algae such as hair algae or film algae, it is most likely due to excessively high nutrient levels. While a better filtration system along with water changes are the obvious solutions, macroalgae can give your tank that extra push to get your nutrients to the desired levels. Yes, even this more premium macroalgae can help with that. Skipping out on macroalgae is not something you want to do.

AlageBarn offers standard macroalgae and premium algae. Any macroalgae you purchase from AlgaeBarn is free of pests and parasites. It is cleaned, treated, quarantined, and inspected before being shipped to you. Along with that, because these macroalgae are aquacultured, they are able to handle shipping stress better and are overall more adapted to aquarium life.

If you want a beautiful addition that will also benefit your tank, AlgaeBarn premium macroalgae are perfect for you.

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