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The blenny is arguably one of the most personable fish available to saltwater hobbyists. These fish have a long snake-like body with varieties of different colors. After having one in your tank, you will be sure to get one for all your tanks to come. From the fascinating way they swim to the funny way they perch upon rocks, these fish will capture a lot of interest from viewers of your tank and start conversations. They are generally easy to care for, especially the ones sold on the AlgaeBarn web store because they are captive-bred by Biota. This means they are bred and born in captivity, making them more adjusted for aquarium life, less susceptible to disease, and hardier overall. You will also find it easier to feed captive-bred fish because they are used to eating prepared foods. Buying captive-bred fish also helps the world’s oceans by helping to maintain the wild population of fish and promoting the captive-bred industry. Blennies can be put in smaller tanks, is that they are smaller fish. They are mostly peaceful unless they are put with similarly shaped fish, especially other fish of their kind. These fish are great for reef aquariums; they do not bother corals or inverts. Every reef tank and saltwater aquarium needs one of these interesting fish. You might even find it to be your favorite fish!

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