Saltwater Fish and Coral Food

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AlgaeBarn is the best place to buy fish food and coral food. Although known for its great selection of live copepods with a wonderful 100% Alive On Arrival guarantee, AlgaeBarn also sells a selection of other live foods. You can purchase a Mandarin Feeder kit, which includes a 160z jar of Nano Brine, a 16oz jar of 5280 pods, and Can O’ Cyclops. This feeder kit is excellent for fatting up your mandrin or to feed as a treat. Either way, you can be sure your mandarin will absolutely love this kit. NanoBrine is also available to be purchased on its own. You can also purchase Simple Brine, which are decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. Dragon Roe is another option for mandarin food or food for any finicky fish. You have lots of options at AlgaeBarn!

Some hobbyist put little effort into what they feed their fish and corals, but are surprised when they find their fish skinny or bland in color. Making sure your fish has a proper nutritious diet is just as important as the diet of any other pet you have. Feeding a consistently healthy diet will promote much more vibrant colors and a longer life span. Corals should be fed as well. This will increase the coloration of the colony and promote polyp extension. Corals that are fed more often are also likely to grow much faster than corals that are not fed. Those LPS corals especially love being fed. You can feed corals live copepods or even dry food such as BeneReef by BenePets. An added benefit to this extremely nutritious food is that it does not cloud your aquarium water as other dry coral foods do.

Those are only a few of the great foods that are offered by AlgaeBarn. Be sure to check out the Ultimate EcoPack. It comes with food to give your whole aquarium a boost, whether you are just getting started or have had your tank for years. Explore the Saltwater Fish and Coral Food section of the AlgaeBarn website to find other food for great prices.

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