Coralline Algae

Live Coralline Algae in a Bottle

Aquacultured by ARCReef

Coralline Algae in a Bottle

Not only does Coralline Algae in a Bottle speed up the process of developing colorful coralline algal crusts over you live rock, but it even gives you control over the palette. Choose between pinks with Pink Fusion®, purples with Purple Helix®, or get 2 bottles, one of each, with Pink and Purple! Unlike coralline “accelerators,” Coralline Algae in a Bottle is a live, multi-species product.

We recommend 1 bottle per 50 gallons. Due to the live nature of this product, it is nearly impossible to overdose.

+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 44 PodPoints.