Kessil H80 LED Light


Kessil H80

The Kessil H80 is ideal for illuminating planted refugia. It spectral output is specially designed for macroalgae and plant growth. Passive cooling and a sleek design allow for most refugium applications—particularly for those in tighter spaces.


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Lighting matters.

Photosynthesis is the main driver of primary production in most ecosystems. Plants, ranging from miniscule phytoplankton to hulking mangroves, carry out the bulk of photosynthesis in our biosphere. Because different plant species are adapted to the particular light conditions of their natural habitat, they grow best under specific types of illumination. Thus, to obtain optimal health and yield, artificial lighting should meet these intrinsic criteria as closely as possible. Perhaps most importantly, an artificial lighting system must be powerful enough to emit the correct (generally high) intensity. It also should generate the right balance of light wavelength. Indeed, very different lighting is required in different applications. Kessil lighting systems are specially designed for excellent performance and control-ability. The Kessil H80 Tuna Flora LED light excels in applications for planted marine refugia.

What can the Kessil H80 do?

The Kessil H80 Tuna Flora is perfect for the grow room as well as for the planted refugium. This compact and efficient LED grow light produces specific wavelengths of light that promote macroalgae/plant growth. It even emits ultraviolet and infrared! Dense Matrix LED™ technology serves as a highly-concentrated, single-point light source that penetrates through dense foliage. Its advanced optics reduce light loss while improving distribution.

What’s more, this innovative lighting system gives the user a high degree of control. Multiple light fixtures can daisy-chain, providing easy control from a single source. Both intensity and spectrum are tunable. And, the H80 Tuna Flora creates four distinct spectra! The BLUE spectrum promotes stem extension. The GROW spectrum promotes general vegetative growth during the life cycles of various plants. The BLOOM spectrum promotes flowering and reproduction. The RED spectrum performs well for tissue culture/cloning; additionally, the RED spectrum boosts late-stage productivity of many plant species.


Dimensions: 4.88″ (diameter) x 0.98″ (height)

Coverage: up to 24″ (surface diameter)

Power Supply: 100-240V AC (input), 24V DC (output)

Power Consumption: 15 W (max)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.76 x 6.1 x 3.3 in


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