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Tangs are a must for every mid to large sized aquarium. They are excellent for reef tanks, but can be put in fish only systems as well. They are brisk and get along with most fish outside of their own species. It is possible to house multiple, but it is recommended that you avoid doing so. If you want to keep multiple of these fish, try to only house ones of a different genus. Some can be aggressive, while others are mostly peaceful; it just depends on the specific genus. Another thing to watch out for is the low tolerance these fish have to diseases, especially ich and marine velvet. Fortunately, fish sold from AlgaeBarn are captive-bred and are more resilient to disease than wild-caught fish. Still, you should take precautions, such as quarantining your fish and feeding a healthy diet. They should be fed plenty of seaweed, as they are herbivores. Be sure to minimize the amount of stress; higher levels of stress lower a fish’s immune system. Do this by maintaining a stable aquarium. The benefit of having herbivorous fish is that they will eat the algae in your tank. These fish will spend all day ripping apart the algae in your tank. Other than their vibrant colors, this may be the reason they are so popular in the saltwater aquarium hobby. Tangs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are brown or yellow, while others are deep blue. The yellow tang and blue tang, for example, are very different in appearance, but they are both beautiful fish that would brighten up any saltwater aquarium. If you do not already have one, or you want another, you are in the right place.

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