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Grammas are a type of marine basslet. They are regarded as being easy and beginner friendly. They will only ever get four inches in length, but most reach a maximum length of three inches. These reef safe fish are known for being brightly colored, especially with bright purple. Some have black, vibrant yellow, or deep blue colors as well. Along with these beautiful colors, these fish also have unreal looking patterns and textures.  Like many other saltwater fish, they are peaceful to other tank mates other than their own kind. It is possible to pair them together. They can be kept in aquariums as small as 30 gallons. Be sure to have lots of rock work with caves and holes for them to hide in. Grammas like to dart into holes or dark areas of a tank when they are frightened. While they are somewhat shy fish, especially when they are first added to a tank, having more places to hide will make them feel safer and in turn more active in the aquarium. Grammas have a unique in place swim pattern that makes them interesting to watch. As for diet and food, these fish are carnivorous. They are not picky, accepting most kinds of meaty foods. Captive-bred specimens will also eat dry food. This fish could easily be the prize fish in small aquariums with its elegant nature and striking colors. Although it is a basic beginner fish, it is amazingly colored, which also makes grammas one the more popular saltwater fish.

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