Mocha Spike Sphere

Gracilaria tikvahiae

Amazing Texture and Color

Mocha spike sphere macroalgae is an undeniably attractive seaweed. Though it is just like the popular and much more common red-colored spike sphere in shape and care requirements, this xanthin-rich variety is golden brown in hue. Growing at a slightly slower pace than some other species (e.g. Ulva sp.), it is most appropriate for more established systems with relatively low dissolved nutrient loads. This particular Gracilaria is frequently selected because of its unique appearance. Additionally, while not quite as palatable (soft) as the ogos, freshly harvested mocha spike sphere macroalgae can nevertheless works well as a live seaweed food. See below for more information.

+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 120 PodPoints.