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Large, beautiful, and active, rabbitfish can be a great addition to a larger saltwater aquarium. They are generally easy to care for and get a long with most fish including their own species. Be careful, as these fish have venomous spines on their dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins. Getting pricked by one of these spines is not deadly, but it can be very painful. While all aquarium fish and inhabitants should be handled with care, a hobbyist should handle one of these fish with extra care. Don’t let that change your mind about them, though. The gorgeous colors and lively activity of these fish is not something you want to miss. Like all other fish sold by AlgaeBarn, these fish are captive-bred rather than wild-caught. This means overall easier to care for and hardier fish for your saltwater aquarium. They are more disease resistant than their wild-caught counterparts and there is a much lesser chance that they have any diseases or parasites on arrival. While there are some that can be put in a 70-gallon aquarium, most need to be housed in a tank around 120-gallons. They can be put in reef aquariums with caution. Keep in mind that some are more likely to bother corals than others. If you are looking for a stunning saltwater fish to add to your home aquarium, the rabbitfish may be the one you are looking for!

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