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Damselfish are known for being hardy and easy to keep, making them a great beginner fish. Being that the average size is two inches, they can be put in smaller tanks, which makes them an option for those looking for a fish they can put in their nano aquarium. Damsels are reef safe meaning they do not harm or bother corals and inverts. They should get along with other fish, as long as those fish are bigger than them. Damsels may bully and show aggression to smaller fish in your tank. You do have the option to keep them in a group, as they do well in a group of the same species. They are brightly colored and certainly fun to watch. Another thing that makes them an easier fish to care for is their diet. The diet of a fish is often times what makes it difficult to care for, but Damsels will not cause you and issues in terms of food. They will pretty much eat any live, frozen, or dry foods you feed them. All fish sold by AlgaeBarn are captive-bred instead of wild-caught, including Damsels. Captive-bred fish are better adapted to aquarium life than wild-caught fish. They are much less susceptible to diseases like ich, which means they have a potentially longer life span as well. Brightly colored, well sizd, and easy to care for with a slight temper, a Damselfish may be what you are looking for.

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