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The filefish is a funky shaped fish that is renowned among saltwater aquarium hobbyists for having an appetite for pesky aiptasia anemones. They are often added to fish tanks just for this reason. Some do not eat aiptasia, but that is okay because their interesting figure and color is enough to want one Having one of these oddly shaped fish can add a level of uniqueness to any aquarium. They originate from shallow sea grass beds in Indonesia, but are now captive-bred by Biota and available for purchase at AlgaeBarn. They are thin and have a sort of rhombus shape. Males have bristles at the base of their tails, which are easy to identify. Some are brown or gray with spots and blotches, while others have striped patterns. Something that distinguishes these fish from other saltwater aquarium fish is their ability to change colors based on the environment or mood they are in at the time. This strange, but cool capability allows the fish to hide from predators. Filefish are peaceful, shy fish that should be kept with other fish with a similar temperament. Do not keep them with aggressive tank mates that may harass them. You may want to avoid keeping them in reef tanks or aquariums with corals and inverts. While only some tend to nip on corals more than others and some do not at all, it is possible for them all to do it. Nonetheless, these are great fish to add to fish only saltwater aquariums or reef tanks with cation.

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