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AlgaeBarn offers tank raised snails that are sustainable and hardy. Because they are captive-bred they are less likely to have diseases and pests. They are also hardier than wild caught specimens. This means they will live longer than wild caught ones. You will be saving money by purchasing captive-bred specimens from AlgaeBarn. These one footed organisms will glide around the surfaces of your tank, keeping it clean of debris and left over food. They are must in any reef aquarium clean-up-crew. They also add diversity to your tank, which increases the overall health and wellness of your tank. Like wild ecosystems, reef aquariums need to have some diversity to be stable. While an aquarium can not be as diverse as the ocean, adding snails will help. Many hobbyists also find snails to be fun to watch as they slide around the sand bed. Snails sold at AlgaeBarn are captive-bred, highly effective as clean-up-crew members, interesting to watch, and reef safe. There is no reason not to buy a few!

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