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Reef aquariums are more than just boxes of glass or acrylic filled with water, rocks, fish, and coral. They are actually a mini ocean ecosystem on land. There are many different organisms that can live with fish and corals to create a complex, diverse reef ecosystem. Shrimp are very popular among reef aquarists. They are intriguing to look at. Like lots of other marine life, shrimps have some, if not numerous colors that will catch eyes. While, they can be visually attractive or interesting, many hobbyists add them to their tanks to serve a purpose. Different ones have different purposes, such as cleaning up left over food or pest control. At AlgaeBarn, all shrimp are captive-bred, which means they are bred on land instead of taken from the ocean. This benefits your tank because it greatly decreases the chances of pest or disease transfer. Because they are bred in a tank, they do not have any exposure to fish or substrates with diseases on them. On the other hand, marine life coming from the ocean is exposed to any other creature or surface in their ecosystem that could carry a disease or pest. Captive-bred marine life also benefits the ocean because it allows for less ecological disturbance in the wild oceans caused by collection. Having some shrimps in your tank will add uniqueness and fix certain problems or do specific tasks. For this reason, consider purchasing one or more for your home aquarium.

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