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Gobies are typically smaller fish. They are peaceful, reef safe, and generally easy to care for. You can find them in yellow, red or gray with black and white stripes. There are also some that are black with blue spots or gray with red stripes. There is a lot to choose from. What is more is that they are captive-bred by Biota, which means they are hardier and more adapted to aquarium life than wild-caught fish. These fish are more resilient to disease and they will accept prepared foods. Buying captive-bred also helps the oceans keep its wild population of fish. It also supports the aquaculture industry so that all saltwater aquarium fish may be captive-bred. These intriguing fish are a community fish that can sometimes be kept together if they are different kinds or if they are bonded pairs. Some, such as the Watchman Goby, can have a symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimp. With the shrimp, they will create a burrow in the sand and work together to protect and keep it in good condition. You can find some Gobies swimming in the middle to the upper section of your aquarium or some on the sand bed or lower areas of your tank. Usually staying fairly small, these fish are great for nano aquariums, but they can be put in larger aquariums as well. Having a goby in your tank will be having another active fish that is fun to watch. There are many captive-bred options on the AlgaeBarn web store.

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