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If you are looking for a beautiful, active saltwater aquarium fish, you may want to consider an angelfish. They have amazing colors and are very personable. These fish are brightly colored and have powerfully shaped bodies. It is common for these fish to have a different juvenile and adult appearance. Angels are known for not being reef safe like many other large saltwater fish. Angelfish have to be put in fish only systems or they will make your reef tank a fish only system. There are, however, reef safe angels. While the Coral Beauty is reef safe with cation, it is certainly possible for it to live in a reef tank without harming corals. The Swallowtail, on the other hand, is reef safe, having no interest in corals at all. All angels found on the AlgaeBarn web store are captive bred by Biota, a trusted source of aquacultured fish. Captive-bred means these angels do not come from the ocean and are much less likely to carry disease and are more hardy in general. They are more adapted to aquarium life than their wild-caught counterparts. Angelfish are colorful and majestic; the ones here are captive-bred as well! These fish are amazing and rewarding, so be sure to consider adding one to your tank.

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