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Set up your tank like a pro! Our Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack is the best way to get your new tank cycled + seeded. Build a sustainable marine ecosystem from Day 1 and watch your fish & coral thrive!

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Recommended dosage & frequency of use of AlgaeBarn Products vary depending on the size and inhabitants of your tank. Click below to learn more about what you need for your tank to thrive!

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AlgaeBarn offers subscriptions on many of our products on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly basis. Get Copepods, Phytoplankton, Macro Algae & More shipped direct to your door - on your schedule!

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Our team is hard at work studying how marine ecosystems behave so that you can build your tank with the perfect components!
Click below to explore our content library and learn more about how to best use copepods, phytoplankton & macro algae in your system!
Ocean Rock is often Coral Skeletons
How to Fully Condition Your Dry Reef Rock

We’re all subject to impatience. Particularly when we’re anticipating a highly gratifying event, such as adding the first round of corals to a newly set up reef aquarium. Thankfully, using dry rock, it only takes a few extra days to help ensure a clean and pest-free system from the start. There’s even an added bonus: …

How to Fully Condition Your Dry Reef Rock Read More »

Keeping the Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes)

There are a lot of blennioid fishes–something to the tune of like 900 species in 151 genera. Lots and lots of these are available for–and indeed quite appropriate for–the home aquarium. In general, blennies are hardy in captivity. They are small and so can live happily in smaller tanks. They are reef-safe and peaceful (though …

Keeping the Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes) Read More »

Pod vs Sock: Do Mechanical Filters Kill Copepods?

Considering that aquarium keeping is a mere nerdy pastime, it can be surprising that there are so many contentious issues amongst hobbyists. One such big “controversy” centers around the impact of mechanical filtration (especially filter socks) on zooplankton (especially copepods). Naturally, as one of the world’s largest commercial producers of copepods, we have a couple …

Pod vs Sock: Do Mechanical Filters Kill Copepods? Read More »


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