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New Tanks

Set up your tank like a pro! Our Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack is the best way to get your new tank cycled + seeded. Build a sustainable marine ecosystem from Day 1 and watch your fish & coral thrive!

Size Guide

Recommended dosage & frequency of use of AlgaeBarn Products vary depending on the size and inhabitants of your tank. Click below to learn more about what you need for your tank to thrive!

Established Tanks

AlgaeBarn offers subscriptions on many of our products on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly basis. Get Copepods, Phytoplankton, Macro Algae & More shipped direct to your door - on your schedule!

Fresh Tank Tips

Our team is hard at work studying how marine ecosystems behave so that you can build your tank with the perfect components!
Click below to explore our content library and learn more about how to best use copepods, phytoplankton & macro algae in your system!
A Refugium without substrate.
Getting to the Bottom of Refugium Substrates

These days, it seems as though a pretty solid majority of reef aquarium systems include a refugium. The growing popularity of refugia has been more a glorious resurgence than a successively rising trend. Indeed, they were quite commonly used in the hobby in the early 1990s. Unlike the refugia we’ve been seeing today, however, the …

Getting to the Bottom of Refugium Substrates Read More »

Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle

We are finally starting to see a surge of interest in the nitrogen cycle &  the “aquarium microbiome.” That is a very, very good thing, not just because understanding the microbial workings of our captive ecosystems is critical to our success as aquarists, but also because we remain woefully uninformed about (even unaware of) the …

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The Whole Package: Integrating AlgaeBarn’s Kits & Combos

AlgaeBarn is hardly the only aquarium hobby-centered business to produce phytoplankton and macroalgae. But we like to think that we’re pretty darn good at it–if not the best! Consider our highly-acclaimed premium live phyto blend OceanMagik in various kits or our standard-setting CleanMacro series. If it needs to be stated, algae is kind of the …

The Whole Package: Integrating AlgaeBarn’s Kits & Combos Read More »


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