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New Tanks

Set up your tank like a pro! Our Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack is the best way to get your new tank cycled + seeded. Build a sustainable marine ecosystem from Day 1 and watch your fish & coral thrive!

Size Guide

Recommended dosage & frequency of use of AlgaeBarn Products vary depending on the size and inhabitants of your tank. Click below to learn more about what you need for your tank to thrive!

Established Tanks

AlgaeBarn offers subscriptions on many of our products on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly basis. Get Copepods, Phytoplankton, Macro Algae & More shipped direct to your door - on your schedule!

Fresh Tank Tips

Our team is hard at work studying how marine ecosystems behave so that you can build your tank with the perfect components!
Click below to explore our content library and learn more about how to best use copepods, phytoplankton & macro algae in your system!
Aquarium Maintenance Help!
Three Steps To Reduce Aquarium Food Waste

Keeping a saltwater aquarium clean is no easy task. Regardless of filtration methods or water change routines, this is especially difficult when the tank is jam-packed full of hungry corals and fish. In short, it’s very hard to not overfeed. Yes, we hear it all the time: If you’ve got algae, cloudy water, or detritus …

Three Steps To Reduce Aquarium Food Waste Read More »

We have Improved the AlgaeBarn Heroes Program!

In today’s trying times, we understand that it can be difficult to have the peace and serenity that saltwater aquariums bring when there is crisis and craziness around what seems to be every corner. We see our nation’s heroes continuously going above and beyond for everyone, every day, and we could not be more thankful. …

We have Improved the AlgaeBarn Heroes Program! Read More »

A vial of phytoplankton
Phytoplankton Species and their individual Strengths

When purchasing live foods for your tank, many people simply take the shop employee’s advice when handed a jar of unidentified copepods for their reef tank. Most do not research into the different species of copepods, we just understand that they are a major element of our clean up crews and that our fish love …

Phytoplankton Species and their individual Strengths Read More »


Join our mission to build a more sustainable aquarium hobby, one tank at a time!
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