Can O’ Cyclops

Preserved Copepods

Excellent prepared foods for pod eaters

Can O’ Cyclops by ZooMed provides excellent nutritional value for small fish, such as the Biota Captive Bred Mandarin. These preserved copepods are similar in appearance and size to live adult copepods; therefore, encouraging a fantastic feeding response.

By supplementing the diet of active copepod predators with Can O’ Cyclops at regular periods in the day, mandarin fish, wrasses, and other heavy copepod consumers can feast on several large meals while simulatenously allowing them to snacking on live copepods when prepared food is not available. This helps ensure that the mandarins are consuming a sufficient amount of calories to grow and develop.

AlgaeBarn regularly feeds Can O’ Cyclops and Nano Brine to the Biota Captive Bred Mandarins at our facilities. These helps ensure that these mandarins will accept a readily available and storable dry food.


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Earn up to 7 PodPoints.