5 Tips for Increasing Aquarium Fish Compatibility

You purchased only the very best aquarium filtration equipment. You tested the water every other day. You feed top-shelf foods. You did everything right… only to experience livestock loss because your fishes have killed each other! Fish compatibility can be pretty frustrating, right? Just understand that this isn’t happening because your fish are “mean.” In …

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A green spot Mandarin

Quarantining Your Mandarin Fish

If you have even worked at the retail or wholesale end of the aquarium fish industry–even for just a week–you are probably keenly aware of the threats posed by viral, bacterial, and especially parasitic diseases. Between fish collectors, breeders, distributors, stores, etc., your new fish may have crossed paths with hundreds or even thousands of …

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Keeping the Purple Tang

Some fish require little introduction. Instantly recognized even by newbie fishkeepers and regarded as a high-value species by aquarists for decades, the purple tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) could easily be designated as an all-time hobby fave. This popularity is largely, though not entirely, due to the rich purple body coloration for which it is so aptly …

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3 Saltwater Aquarium Pests

There are a few things that any hobbyist dreads finding in their aquarium. Aquarium pests can appear out of nowhere and can spread like a wildfire. Even with all of the preventative measures that are available, at some point we’ve all had one pest sneak into our tank. It happens to all of us and …

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The brave and helpful cleaner shrimp in the mouth of a fish!

3 Symbiotic Relationships in the Marine Aquarium

Symbiotic relationships are perhaps the most amazing thing that occurs in marine environments. While there are some that you can deliberately recreate in aquaria, there are also many others taking place all on their own. In this article, I’m going to be discussing a few of the symbiotic relationships you can build in your aquarium. …

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A very Funny name for a very unique invertebrates

3 Unique Invertebrates

There are many types of invertebrates in the marine aquarium trade and typically you will see the same 10-20 types. However, this article will be showing you some of the more unique invertebrate additions you could add to your tank. One reason these aren’t usually recommended for your tank is that these aren’t technically part …

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Zoas are a beautiful addition to any reef

Knowing the Zoanthid

The zoanthid is one of the most stunning yet simplistic coral-like animals in this hobby. It can come in any color combination that you can imagine–along with any price point. This is why this particular anthozoan deserves an article of its own. There are over 100 species of zoanthids alone and the identification process can …

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The electric light show of a fairy wrasse

4 Underrated Saltwater Fish For Beginners

When looking at fish for beginners, you are usually going to see the same fish recommended repeatedly. This list is for the people who want to see the “non-traditional” options of beginner fish. All of these fish are very hardy and easy to feed and work great in beginner saltwater aquariums. Always complete thorough research …

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What Clownfish Is Best For My Aquarium?

There are many different species of clownfish to choose from! Some look very different from others. Some are hardier than others. And, some are more docile than others. I am going to be discussing the top four species in this hobby and which one might be best for your aquarium. Ocellaris clownfish The most popular …

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a Beautiful Scopas Tang

5 Overlooked Algae-Eaters

When it comes to your clean-up crew in your saltwater aquarium, you usually will think of snails, crabs and starfish. However, there are some other cool inverts and fish you can add that can help tremendously with your aquarium algae clean-up. There are so many saltwater fish that eat algae and this is just my …

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Humuhumu triggerfish

3 Monster Saltwater Fish

Just like on the freshwater side, which has its big arowanas, catfish, pacus, etc., there is a niche for “monster” fishkeeping amongst marine aquarists. If you have a massive tank and don’t plan on keeping a conventional reef system, these fish might be perfect for you. Indeed, there are many people in this hobby that …

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The remarkable Lionfish

The Lionfish and Responsible Aquarium Keeping

Lionfishes are among the most captivating and notorious fish in this industry. While a number of lionfish species are available–in various sizes and colors–we here specifically discuss the red volitan lionfish (Pterois volitans). And, where they do and don’t belong! Volitan lionfish are a beautiful addition to a home aquarium and can definitely be the …

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Four Great Nano Saltwater Fish

Keeping nano saltwater fish tanks is challenging due to their inherent complications. For example, it is much harder to keep the parameters stable in a small saltwater aquarium due to the tiny amount of water volume, leaving little room for error. Then, there are the challenges of finding fish species that are appropriate for a …

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Keeping Mushroom Anemones

No one starts a saltwater aquarium because they hate challenges. Indeed, it is the difficulty (or at least perceived difficulty) of maintaining these systems that is so alluring to many first-time marine aquarists. That being said, it’s always good to take the stroll towards full-blown reefkeeping in baby steps. Veteran hobbyists have seen it so …

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Keeping the Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes)

There are a lot of blennioid fishes–something to the tune of like 900 species in 151 genera. Lots and lots of these are available for–and indeed quite appropriate for–the home aquarium. In general, blennies are hardy in captivity. They are small and so can live happily in smaller tanks. They are reef-safe and peaceful (though …

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A Beautiful Porcelain anemone Crab

How to Acclimate Your Captive Bred Invertebrates

Aquarists like to broadly divide classes of aquarium livestock into two big groups, the fishes and the invertebrates. The second group is a huge catch-all, as it includes all non-fish livestock ranging from sponges to crabs. Though invertebrates are overall more sensitive than fish to sudden environmental change, ideal acclimation procedure varies somewhat between the …

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