Tridacna Clams are a beautiful addition to any marine tank!

Keeping the Derasa Clam

Just about any reef aquarist will, at some point, wish to keep tridacnid clams in their system. Their colors rival those of any coral. They have an incredibly exotic appearance (even their shells look cool). And (at least for most tridacnid species) they may be kept on the bottom over the substrate, which is a …

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Squamosa Clams for the Intermediate Level Aquarist

For many aquarium hobbyists, acquiring and displaying a beautiful tridacnid clam is one of the most definitive milestones in their mastery of the art. While these strange and beautiful bivalve mollusks are a real pleasure to have, they are perhaps even more challenging to keep than most coral species. Specifically, they demand (yes, absolutely require) …

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wild hippopus clams

Keeping Hippopus Clams

Particularly since the advent of clam farming, tridacnid clams (Family Tridacninae) have been steadily gaining both in popularity and presence within the aquarium hobby. They were once only available as wild-caught, were exceptionally delicate and were thus appropriate only for the most experienced of aquarists; nowadays, farm-raised specimens are in regular production, have proven markedly …

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A Beautiful Maxima Clam

3 Tips for Keeping Maxima Clams

For a couple of decades now, tridacnid or “giant” clams (genera Tridacna and Hippopus) have been regarded as the cherries on top of any well-constructed and well-maintained reef aquarium. Though there have been a couple of newcomers along the way, most members of the relatively small family Tridacnidae have been available in the trade all …

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