Feeding your Fish Fresh Copepods and Amphipods

Copepods and Amphipods

Fresh copepods and amphipods are a terrific alternative to the flakes or pellets that normally come to mind when you think of fish food. Not only does live fish food have more nutrients and

A very unique species: the ladybug Amphipod

health benefits for your fish, but the organisms also act as “cleaners” in a fish tank. Fresh copepods eat the plant or algae material that’s commonly found on the walls of your fish tank, which will make cleaning and maintenance much easier. Feeding copepods and amphipods to fish will also allow the fish to partake in some of the same predatory habits they would in their natural fresh or salt water environment. Buying copepods and amphipods online allows you to save a little money because you can buy them in bulk. In fact, the cost is one major reason many fish-owners avoid buying fresh copepods or fresh amphipods. Order online, though, and you’ll be glad you did.

Amphipods are usually larger than copepods and have different benefits than other live fish food. Copepods, for example, are great for seeding new tanks while providing a continuous supply of fresh, live fish food for its inhabitants. Feeding copepods to fish allows you to take advantage of these benefits easily. The copepods will live out their life cycles within your tank, allowing the fish to feel a little bit more like they are in their own natural habitat.

Buying Fresh Copepods Online

Feeding copepods to fish is one of the best ways to ensure your fish live long lives that are as heA more Common Amphipod seen in reef aquariumsalthy as possible. While pellets and flakes sold in pet stores have become much better alternatives than they once were, nothing will beat fresh fish food. Copepods are usually the best option and you can buy them online easily. Simply make your selection and provide your billing/shipping information.

Buying online is one reason people may hesitate when it comes to feeding copepods to fish. The idea of getting fresh fish food delivered regularly may not inspire a lot of confidence, but it really all depends on who you are buying from. If you buy from a reliable retailer or vender, you will be able to guarantee you’re getting the freshest supplies and food for your fish. These fresh amphipods, copepods, and phytoplankton (another popular option for fresh fish food) will be shipped to last. That means in the proper containers and with instructions as to how you should add them to your tank. You’ll feel much better about buying the food online!

93 thoughts on “Feeding your Fish Fresh Copepods and Amphipods”

  1. I have only a small 10g reef, with one clown, LPS/SPS = Hammer, Blueberry Fan, 3 Goniopora, Zoanthids, and button Polyps. I am using Ocean Magik daily and I dosed a bag of Poseidons Feast at the end of October. When should I consider adding more Posedon’s feast and how should I dose inmy small reef? Thanks

  2. Can they be fed to my freshwater fish? Would they also stay alive in freshwater aquariums, and clean them like reefs?

  3. Is there a cost advantage to feeding copepods versus a frozen cubed food? Which would be most beneficial in the long run?

    1. Since they are alive they will consume unwanted waste and reproduce providing continuous source of food for your fish.

  4. Variety is key. These are great because they not only feed the fish, but also serve as a clean up crew. Once been dosing my tanks with live pods for years.

  5. Terrence Harrison

    Haven’t stocked tank yet but hopefully will be able to culture and grow own population to fees stock! Plus, always great to have readily available for purchase!

  6. Adding pods to my tank made a huge difference in it’s appearance. It’s much cleaner looking now with far less work by me.

  7. Christian Musselman

    I purchased some phytoplankton, when I went on vacation and my fish feeder overfed my fish…. rather than the nitrates going up … the plankton bloomed. I couldn’t see the other side of the tank. With that I have thousands of fairly large copepods.. or amphpods. Do I still need to feed my clown fish regular food.. or are these live critters enough?

  8. Just getting started in this hobby and I must say I find some really good knowledge in these articles. Thanks again.

  9. John Worthington

    when I feed with pods my fish are a lot more active and it gives him a food source all day instead of just feeding once or twice with pellets flake or Frozen

  10. Bennett Sheppard

    Live pods are an absolute necessity for aquariums. I love seeing these posts that validate their importance.

  11. Our pipefish loves hunting live copepods when we put them in his tank. You can almost see it in his eyes when it is time to eat!

  12. Ryan M. Vaughan

    I find my fish love fresh copepods. It’s hard to keep a thriving population though. Make sure you have a large sumo because even with hiding places and plenty of live rock it can be tough to keep a population in a display tank.

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