A copepod

Using Live Copepods to Feed Your Fish

It’s important to get live food for fish if you want them to live longer, healthier lives—particularly if they are carnivorous fish. Live copepods, for example, help to ensure that your fish are getting the right nutrients and digestive enzymes. Moreover, you are able to get your order delivered right to your door! Live saltwater fish food are a much better experience for the fish for several reasons.

Copepods Close UpFirst, amphipods and copepods are full of nutrition your fish and corals need to thrive. They don’t always get those same nutrients from frozen food or flake food. In fact, many of the nutrients are taken out of these types of food, in order to have a longer shelf-life. Additionally, live fish food doesn’t decay in the tank the same way if it’s not eaten, keeping your fish’s environment cleaner and healthier as well. Amphipods and copepods even clean the tank, eating significant amounts of detritus and nuisance algae.

Copepods for sale online have shown to be more economical as well. A major advantage to live fish food is that it gives your fish a chance to “hunt” for its food. That might seem silly or crazy, but fish often display predatory behaviors in their natural habitat, and they don’t always get to exercise that in a tank.

Where Can You Buy Copepods?

Copepods for sale online are probably the easiest way to get live food for fish without stressing out over different types or actually going out to get it. Keep it off your do-do list and just order online. Vendors on the internet guarantee fresh, live fish food will be delivered right to your door, without any issue. It will probably be even fresher than in the store, considering it’s handled carefully and not sitting on a shelf for days at a time.

Don’t worry that getting live food for fish from AlgaeBarn will ever end with rotten amphipods and copepods in your possession. You will get exactly what you paid for—or your money back. There are a few different options when it comes to live saltwater fish food and you can choose which one you want for your fish. Browse through the different amphipods and copepods online to see what you want. Just do a little research before you decide what to buy.