Kessil H380 LED Light


Kessil H380 

The Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II generates high-intensity, full-spectrum lighting. Its Dense Matrix LED™ technology allows for a tight beam that can reach the darkest depths of your aquarium or grow space. Its spectral output is switchable, allowing for optimal light conditions during all stages of plant development.

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Lighting matters.

Photosynthesis is the main driver of primary production in most ecosystems. Plants, ranging from miniscule phytoplankton to hulking mangroves, carry out the bulk of photosynthesis in our biosphere. Because different plant species are adapted to the particular light conditions of their natural habitat, they grow best under specific types of illumination. Thus, to obtain optimal health and yield, artificial lighting should meet these intrinsic criteria as closely as possible. Perhaps most importantly, an artificial lighting system must be powerful enough to emit the correct (generally high) intensity. Additionally, it should generate the right balance of light wavelength. Very different lighting is required in different applications. Kessil lighting systems are specially designed for excellent performance and controllability. Where very bright light must pass through deep waters or shady plant canopies, and light spectra must be switchable, the Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED grow light excels.

What can the Kessil H380 do?

Designed specially to promote plant growth, the Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II is appropriate for both greenhouse and refugium applications. This advanced LED grow light is significantly more powerful than previous models, delivering high-intensity lighting for rapid plant growth. Its Dense Matrix LED™ technology generates a highly-concentrated, single-point light source that is capable of penetrating dense canopies. The result is lush, fast-growing foliage over the entire plant or vegetative mass.

What’s more, this innovative lighting system gives the user a high degree of control over spectral output. Each fixture is capable of producing two distinct spectral blends (including ultraviolet). Each of these switchable spectra are ideal for specific phases of plant development. The Extreme Purple spectrum operates during the grow phase; the Extreme Magenta spectrum operates during the flowering stage.


Dimensions: 4.5″ (length) x 4″ (diameter)

Coverage: 24″ (surface diameter) x 3′ (average penetration)

Power Supply: 100-240V AC (input), 19 VDC,4.74A (output)

Power Consumption: 90 W (max)

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 7.5 in


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