Captive Bred Fish & Inverts

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AlageBarn has a growing selection of captive-bred fish and inverts, from the gorgeous, iconic Green Mandarin Dragonet to algae destroying Pincushion Urchins. Along with the amazingly colorful and healthy fish comes the legendary 100% Alive On Arrival Guarantee. This guarantee will give customers the luxury of being worry-free when it comes to buying fish and inverts online at AlgaeBarn. Captive-bred fish and inverts are much hardier than their wild-caught counterparts. These fish and inverts are born and raised in captivity, which results in them being already adapted to aquarium life. Being put into a new environment is very stressful for fish, but being put into an aquarium for the first time take it to a different level. Stress is one of the leading factors as to why new fish die only days after being added. Because captive-bred fish are already adjusted to living in a saltwater aquarium, they are less stressed when added to a new tank, resulting in a healthier fish. They are just very hardy in general as well.

The other issue with putting fish and inverts from the ocean into your tank is the diseases they may possess. Wild-caught specimens have a much higher chance of carrying a disease or pest than captive-bred fish. The ocean is full of all sorts of different organisms that can easily make it into a reef aquarium and become a pest. These pests or diseases could wipe out your corals or fish. Fortunately, captive-bred fish and inverts are far less likely to have any diseases or pests.

Another added benefit to buying captive-bred fish and inverts is the positive impact it has on the oceans. Taking fish and inverts from the ocean is harmful because it not only dwindles the wild population, but it also encourages collectors to use toxic chemicals to make capture easier. These chemicals will bleach or kill any corals around the area it is sprayed. By buying captive-bred fish, you are promoting the reduction of fish taken from the ocean.

Fish and inverts sold at AlgaeBarn are healthy and safe to add to your saltwater reef aquarium.

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