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Wholesale Copepods

Buying Copepod Fish Food

If you’ve made the decision to start selling copepods in stores, the question becomes where you can buy them without spending all your profits. You want to know that you are buying copepod fish food and it will arrive undamaged and in the amount you purchased. Store patrons are beginning to become more educated about what they are feeding their fish, and they are demanding that stores stock fresh, live fish food. They are buying copepod fish food much more often these days and you don’t want to run out of your supply of phytoplankton or pods before the next shipment comes in.

You’ve undoubtedly done a lot of research about where to buy copepods in order to get the best results and the best supply for your store. Once you find a supplier you trust to deliver the best possible product, stick with them. Buying wholesale copepods from a reliable supplier guarantees your shelves are always going to be fully stocked and they’ll be stocked with a product you feel good about selling. You can discuss your order with the supplier; figure out how much copepods and phytoplankton you’ll need to stock your store without running out. As you start filling the shelves and the products start to sell, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll need to order each week.

Benefits of Selling Copepods in Stores

There are a lot of advantages to selling copepods in stores when it comes to customers feeding their fish. These organisms are better for the tank; fish are getting more nutrients they need to thrive and it’s a little more reminiscent of their natural habitat. They can “hunt” for the copepods and recreate the predator-prey food chain. Once you are able to start educating these customers on what’s best for their fish, they’ll start buying copepod fish food all the time. These organisms are much healthier for the fish and ensure they are getting the best possible food source.

Buying wholesale copepods for your store will keep your shelves stocked at all times. If you run out of the product, you are forcing customers to go elsewhere or look online and start buying copepods wholesale themselves. Don’t take that risk. Instead, place regular orders so you know you’ll always be able to serve your customer’s needs. That way, you know you’ll keep their business and you’ll be able to continue selling the best possible products.

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