Algaebarn Mangroves are ready to plant trees!

Product Spotlight – Marvelous Mangroves

Mangroves are great terrestrial trees to grow in an aquarium. Algaebarn offers aquarium keepers and passionate hobbyists the Red Mangrove (Rhizophora Mangle), as it is one of the most popular mangroves to keep.Red mangroves are found along the coastal shores of Florida and the Central Americas and can grow as large as 30 feet. They display a vibrant green on both sides of their almond-shaped leaves. They create their own unique ecosystem in the water as their roots tangle together and provide protection for vulnerable wildlife. Mangroves are halophytes, which means they are salt tolerant. They can absorb saltwater through their roots and excrete the excess salt through their leaves. However, unlike other mangroves, the red mangrove filters the salt out straight from its roots.

In the aquarium industry, red mangroves are known for their versatility, as they can be grown in saltwater, freshwater, and in soil. They are a hardy and slow-growing plant, which in turn, means slow nitrate and phosphate uptake. Although the red mangrove alone may not take care of nitrate or phosphate problems, it can certainly help and will look pretty while doing so. At AlgaeBarn, we take pride in our mangroves’ explosive growth and vivid colors. We put a lot of attention into developing red mangroves that will transition well into your aquarium and be healthy upon their arrival and throughout their lives.