We have Improved the AlgaeBarn Heroes Program!

In today’s trying times, we understand that it can be difficult to have the peace and serenity that saltwater aquariums bring when there is crisis and craziness around what seems to be every corner. We see our nation’s heroes continuously going above and beyond for everyone, every day, and we could not be more thankful. For these reasons and more, AlgaeBarn has rolled out a new and improved program for our nation’s heroes! We welcome our heroes to join our Hero’s Program today!

VerifyPass is a secure website that checks your credentials through a variety of methods. This program is available for:

  • Teachers: If you have a teaching license, teaching anywhere from Pre-Kindergarten through University
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters
  • Hospital Staff: Doctors, Nurses, Mental Health Professionals, Physicians Assistants, and all on Hospital Staff
  • Public Service & Government Employees
  • Military: Anyone who is actively serving, a veteran, or a military dependent

By signing up, you will be verified through the VerifyPass website and given a code that you will be able to use to get 15% off your orders with AlgaeBarn! With this, you will also be eligible for additional sales, and even get the opportunity to get discounts on CADE Aquariums, lighting, and other items that are normally excluded from other discount codes! This is just our little way of thanking each and every one of our amazing heroes that is keeping our country safe, healthy, and thriving.

If you have signed up for our Hero’s Program before the rollout with VerifyPass, we request that you sign up through the VerifyPass site so that we are able to have consistency throughout. This will help us ensure that the codes have the right configurations for you when you are checking out on our website. If you have any questions, please reach out to our amazing support team via email at support@algaebarn.com with the subject VerifyPass and we would be more than happy to help you!


Register for The AlgaeBarn Heroes Program Here


6 thoughts on “We have Improved the AlgaeBarn Heroes Program!”

  1. For Public Service & Government Employees what does that include? Non-profits, etc? I don’t see it in the list for deals. Not sure if I’m eligible or not.

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