Massive Upgrade at AlgaeBarn!

We have some incredible news about what has been going on over at the barn this last few weeks!

After months of waiting, we are finally ready to upgrade our systems to serve you better. We can now make the barn you know and love bigger, stronger, and faster… we have the technology (See Below!)

We have brought in equipment that will provide us the following moving forward:

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Greater Consistency
  • Elimination of Many Manual Processes
  • Faster and More Reliable Order Processing
  • More Robust Inventory Management

Sometimes, change is hard. Along with all the awesome improvements above, we feel it is best to warn you all of potential down-time over the next two weeks:

We will not be shipping from Tomorrow (4/16) until 5/6/2019 in order to setup all of this equipment

Now, while we are down making sure these systems are in place and our shipping and packing line is functioning at 100% we have decided to give you, our incredible customers, a deal just for your patience.  From Today (4/15) until 5/6 we will be providing an incredible %20 discount on all orders.  Thats right, get 20% off on pods, phyto, macros, and so much more (no sumps or lights 🙁 sorry!) for the next two weeks just for giving us a chance to improve!

Also, we would like to welcome new members to the team:

  • Krystle – Customer Support – Krystle is an avid marine hobby keeper, and the new front line on the phones and email!
  • Nikki – Macroalgae Specialist – The “Queen of  Macro” is growing lush chaeto only a few weeks in, and has a lofty goal of “Chaeto (for sale) Everyday!”

Please use :  UPGRADE20   on any orders during this time period, and thank you for your patience, your incredible help spreading us on social media, and most of all… thanks so much for being our customer!


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