Keeping the Purple Tang

Some fish require little introduction. Instantly recognized even by newbie fishkeepers and regarded as a high-value species by aquarists for decades, the purple tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) could easily be designated as an all-time hobby fave. This popularity is largely, though not entirely, due to the rich purple body coloration for which it is so aptly …

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a Beautiful Scopas Tang

5 Overlooked Algae-Eaters

When it comes to your clean-up crew in your saltwater aquarium, you usually will think of snails, crabs and starfish. However, there are some other cool inverts and fish you can add that can help tremendously with your aquarium algae clean-up. There are so many saltwater fish that eat algae and this is just my …

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Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

A Classic Improved: Aquacultured Yellow Tangs

There is hardly a more iconic saltwater aquarium fish than BIOTA yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens). We can just start out by stating the obvious; it is a real stand-out. Nothing “pops” like the bright yellow blaze of this species. Its highly laterally compressed body and pronounced snout give it an undeniably exotic, “marine” appearance. Boldly …

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