Sustainable Aquariums

Sustainable Aquariums

What are Sustainable Aquariums?

An aquarium is a cornerstone of many homes and apartments, but how often have you come home to find your fish floating belly up? Whether the kids forgot to feed them or neglected to change the water filter, the bottom line is it’s time to go out and get a few new aquarium inhabitants. Developing sustainable aquariums may just be the answer to this chronic dilemma. So what are sustainable aquariums anyway? The goal in developing sustainable aquariums is to create an environment in which all the inhabiting organisms can exist without constant care of a person. Ideally, nothing will need to go into or out of the tank, though getting copepods and phytoplankton fish food will help it along.

Buying copepods for an aquarium is one of the quickest ways to help it along to self-sustainability. Copepods are small organisms found in natural habitats that are also eaten by fish and other water dwellers. These organisms are full of all the nutrients you need to keep your fish healthy and boost their immune systems. Copepods and phytoplankton fish food also won’t decay in the tank, leaving the water murky or muddy. Live fish food is a great alternative if you are out of your fish’s favorite flakes, and the benefits give it a great boost as well.

Delivering Copepods And Phytoplankton Fish Food

Food for sustainable aquariums will free you up a bit. Your fish will be living in a habitat that is as close to a natural one as possible, thanks to the introduction of copepods and phytoplankton fish food and your aquarium will be able to sustain itself for a few days. You can schedule a regular delivery from a reliable company and get what you need without having to leave the house. Your local pet store will also stock food for sustainable aquariums, so you have a few options if you’re looking to get this started.

The delivery option is easy if you’re going to have a packed week and simply won’t have time to get to the store. The copepods and phytoplankton fish food are delivered right to your door and will arrive intact. Each delivery comes with instructions on how to properly introduce the organisms to your tank to ensure the best chance of a successful integration. Developing sustainable aquariums has never been easier.




93 thoughts on “Sustainable Aquariums”

  1. Are there filter materials that the cope pods can live in? I received the shipment of cope pods and phytoplankton in good shape. I put them together in a 2.5 gallon aquarium and the water is already cloudy. I have a red/blue grow light on them and a air stone producing a stream of fine bubbles. In my 10 gallon tank I had put some copepods. There is a stone full of worm like holes in that tank. The holes are filled with a white chaul ky looking substance.

  2. you all should grown amphippds for the bigger fish and you can see them makes ya feel like you doing something right

  3. How often would you need to add pods for this method. Are there any fish that wouldn’t be able to survive on pods?

  4. Christian Musselman

    How much can I expect to pay to support 2 clowns a d a yellow tang… ?
    I purchased some phytoplankton, when I went on vacation and my fish feeder overfed my fish…. rather than the nitrates going up … the plankton bloomed. I couldn’t see the other side of the tank. With that the copepods had a feeding frenzy .. now I have thousands of fairly large copepods.. or amphpods. Do I still need to feed my clown fish regular food.. or are these live critters enough? They still go crazy for regular food. Do I need to train them to eat copepods?

  5. I wonder if those pod hotels actually work. I just can keep up with the demand. Seems like I put some in my tank and the next thing I know, they’re gone!

  6. darksorcerer0530

    This is super important. People need to be more aware of how and why they should keep sustainable aquariums.

  7. love the Algae Barn subscribe & save. Get phyto and pods once a month and my tank looks great and my fish and coral are happy.

  8. Def our responsibility to care the best we can for the animals in our care, and sustainability is part of that.

  9. I am already adding copepods… Is there a way to balance other levels such as calcium and magnesium without dosing?

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