Product Spotlight: ARCReef Coralline in a Bottle

Coralline algae is a fantastic red alga for any type of saltwater tank. It is especially popular in reef tanks and plays a variety of different roles in each environment. First, Corallines are a great option to turn bare rock colorful and lively. They also provide protection to the rock and an excellent surface for corals and other marine life to establish themselves on. Corallines help fuse your reef together and a heavy presence of this algae typically signifies a well-established, healthy, and nicely aged aquarium. In the ocean they play a vital role in protecting the reef and at the same time, acting as the great connector or glue of the reef. Corallines separate themselves from other algae in multiple ways. The main identifier of this algae is the calcareous deposits between their cell walls which give them a rigid formation easily mistaken for a type of stony coral rather than red algae.   
AlgaeBarn distributes Atlantic Reef Conservation’s Coralline Algae in a Bottle. AlgaeBarn is a huge fan of Atlantic Reef Conservation and their coralline algae products. Atlantic Reef Conservation’s product comes in two different lines: Purple Helix and Pink Fusion. These bottles contain live coralline algae spores and active nitrifying bacteria that are both beneficial allies for your aquarium. As the coralline spores fixate and develop on the surfaces of an aquarium, you will see beautiful pink and purple “spots” expanding outward and encrusting their surroundings. Over time, this algae will spread to most parts of the aquarium and even help protect against other nuisance algae. 
Not only does Atlantic Reef Conservation produce a great product but they also donate 20% of their proceeds to repairing coral reefs.  Outside of their products, Atlantic Reef Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and development of coral reefs and AlgaeBarn is honored to partner with such a unique and wonderful company.