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Why CADE Aluminum Aquarium Stands are the Best

If you’ve been keeping aquariums for a long time, you’ve almost certainly owned a pressboard stand at some point. And if you had that stand for very long, there’s a chance you saw it lose its trustworthiness over time. Particularly if these cheaply made stands are exposed to moisture for extended periods, they gradually warp, swell and crumble. This makes for a rather unsafe situation–both for you and for your aquarium animals. While pressboard is perfectly suited for use as inexpensive dorm room furniture, it has absolutely no place under a fish tank. 

Maybe a couple of entire generations of aquarium hobbyists relied on pressboard cabinetry. We also listened to cassette tapes and talked on phones attached the wall. Point is, we modern aquarists have significantly higher standards. And, generally, much greater investment in our systems. Therefore, the modern aquarium must be (1) sturdy as hell and (2) built to last. Oh, and a slick look never hurts, right?

Built for now

The Cade Frag Series AquariumsSure, there are some true craftsmen and craftswomen who produce absolutely gorgeous solid-wood aquarium cabinetry. And we’ve seen more and more steel-frame stands in more recent years. But let’s face it–prolonged exposure to water can rapidly deteriorate even solid oak. And we all know what water does to iron (yeah, sorry, ten coats of paint will do almost nothing to stave the inevitable rusting). And wow is steel crazy heavy!

So, what should a tank stand be made of? When it comes to durability and longevity, no aquarium cabinetry material compares to anodized aluminum. 

Like steel frame stands, the openness and accessibility of an aluminum stand allows for the modern aquarium’s typically large filter system and complex plumbing configuration. However, as aluminum is considerably lighter (for the same strength) as steel, aluminum stands lighten the floor load from an already weighty fish tank. Yeah, some hobbyists like the idea of hiding equipment within an old-fashioned wood stand. Using simple but classy glass panels to cover the front and/or sides, one can do the same with an aluminum stand. Further, if you change your mind and actually want to show off your filter and refugium, you can easily switch to an open style. 

Aluminum cannot rot like wood, and it is far more resistant to corrosion than iron. Anodized aluminum is even more bulletproof. With anodized aluminum supporting your tank, you can always rest assured that you’ll never have dismantle and move your aquarium due to a failing cabinet–or worse, shovel it off of your ruined floor.

CADE aluminum stands: Simplicity, quality

CADE Aquariums Plumbing systemsCADE Aquariums are now well-known and highly regarded for their uncompromised attention to both performance and aesthetic appeal. Their choice of aluminum frame for every model in their all-in-one aquarium series is certainly a reflection of that fastidiousness. Does it matter to them that they could manufacture their cabinetry more cheaply with wood? Steel? Maybe even some kind of plastic? Hell no. Aluminum is the best available material for aquarium stands, so that’s the only thing you’ll ever see under a CADE tank. 

One particularly beautiful thing about CADE aquarium stands is that they arrive ready-to-go, right out of the crate. The sump even arrives inside the stand, ready to plumb. To be clear, that means that they don’t require any assembly whatsoever! All you have to do is screw the pre-fitted plumbing together. Seriously.

CADE  aluminum cabinets feature front and side doors with hinges and magnetic latches that are hidden within the framework; not only does this look really nice, but it helps protect them from corrosion from spilled water. In standard models, the right side cabinet door provides easy access to the Controller Management. This area securely mounts electrical controllers to keep them away from saltwater. Most (larger) models include a Chiller/Accessories space on the right side of the cabinet; the roomy depth provides enough space for both a chiller and other stuff like dosing vessels. The shelf above stores items such as dosing pumps as well as providing space to manage power cables to the Power Distribution Unit. 

Industrial grade adjustable caster feet help to level out the tank on uneven floors (no more ugly wood blocks). Would you prefer to have foam padding on your stand to protect the tank? No worries if you get a CADE because it’ll already be pre-installed! Perhaps best of all, the stand’s beautiful color is anodized to the aluminum frame, providing a lasting finish that is highly resistant to saltwater. 


Today’s reef aquarium is meant to run for a very, very long time. CADE Aquariums are meant to run for a very long time. These aluminum frame stands will last as long as your CADE tank, if not for the rest of your life! And that might be just fine, because with their highly functional and attractive design, you’ll likely never want another.

160 thoughts on “Why CADE Aluminum Aquarium Stands are the Best”

  1. Sydney Monroe

    I have had some wood stands in the past that worried me, glad to see these steel ones becoming more main stream.

    1. This line of stands is so smart!! I’m shopping right now for a new stand and I’ll be looking here first!

  2. SimplyReefing

    If you love these Cade aquariums as much as I do follow me on YouTube at Simplyreefing my next build will be a Cade aquarium.

  3. Robert Joseph Mastronardi

    Thinking when I can finally get my big system, I will go for a CADE setup. Thanks for this great blog post covering their metal stands!

  4. jwhisenhunt81

    Looks really nice, I went with a red-sea tank last time and it is pretty nice as well, but I think i’ll check Cade out next time!

  5. Hunter Bourgeois

    I mean an aluminum stand! People pay big money to get stands made and they get an awesome system as a bonus with your tanks!

  6. Michelle Yingst

    Currently running a 55g with 2 hobs. I am desperately needing to upgrade to an all-in-one 🙏💙🙏… I love the look of Cade’s aquariums. I like the thought of less weight on the floor using the aluminum stand, and MOST definitely like the open concept to be able to get in underneath and do what I want, and also the idea of showing it off ☺️💜

  7. This is very nice. Love that it keeps your electricals all organized and safe. I absolutely love that it’s made with anodized aluminum. I need this.

  8. Stephen killam

    I like the side door next to the sump. I’m glad you guys went that route instead of just to front doors. Also the aluminum is way better than an ugly wood stand!

  9. Best stands out there! Best Tanks out there! And the best package from the best people and company!

  10. Jordn Gerardot

    Definitely a salad and slick look. If you’re looking for a quick purchase this would be for you however I’m more into customizing and making a perfect fit but unique look for my aquarium. DIY all the way

  11. diana Aliprandi

    I’m always spilling water when doing maintenance. These aluminum cabinets keep them from corrosion.

  12. Carmelo Garcia

    These stands are awesome glad to see CADE is one of the very few companies moving from the “standard” materials for stand.

  13. would be nice to get one of these as part of the giveaway going on.. i only hope i can find enough room in my tiny apartment to store it.. (but i dont really need a dresser do i? 😉 )

  14. Julio Ventura

    I never had a cade stand but love the look and would love to test out all of the claims. I’m sure it would satisfy

  15. Okay so I’m commenting for the Christmas in July here on this site and new here but I’m looking and CADE tank and these stands are amazing. Better than having a plain tank when you can have this up model tank with this stand. I hope I win this contest. I’d love to have my own!

  16. Personally, I think my favorite thing about the stands is the built in power distribution unit. It’s a pain having to install one myself when I can, and obviously when there isn’t room on the stand for me to install one at all, I then have to rely on placing a mutil-outlet unit on the ground, and then wind up worried about either accidentally splashing water on it or water dripping down the cords into it. So this built in one is a godsend.

  17. I must admit, I’m skeptical about an aluminum tank stank, but the anti-corrosive properties of the metal might make it worthwhile.

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