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Determining an Overall Count for Your Copepods

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You’re in the market for a bag of copepods (pods) but you’re stuck between choices. Company A claims a whopping number of pods, but its bag is virtually see-through. Company B’s bag looks promising, but it claims such a low pod number that you wonder if there are more “fillers” than pods. All too often, fish owners find themselves shot in the dark when it comes to knowing how many copepods they’re really getting. When purchasing pods, it’s important to keep in mind that live pods are in a constant cycle of growth and could vary in their sizes tremendously (FIGURES 1, 2, and 3), depending on the growth stage they’re in.Read More

Dead Copepods, or Something Else?

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We all know that sunken feeling—after seeing the beautifully photographed copepods on the website, you place your order, eagerly anticipating its arrival. When it’s finally at your doorstep, you tear through the wrapping and uncover your carefully packaged bag of copepods in all its shimmer. But something seems off. You notice specks settling at the bottom of the bag and you begin to fret that your copepods have arrived dead (FIGURE 1).Read More

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