Aquarium Lighting

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Lights are an absolute necessity for any reef tank. Everything in your tank from the corals to the fish needs some sort of lighting. It can not be just any kind of lighting, though. Without proper aquarium lighting, your reef inhabitants will not be healthy. Although most aquarium lights are made to promote the growth and colors of corals, corals are not the only organism that needs sufficient lighting. Macroalgae has certain lighting needs also. Companies such as Kessil, Aqua Illumination, and Innovative Marine have made several lights that work great for growing macroalgae. Some macroalgae will grow under very basic lighting, while others need stronger lights. Kessil has a known reputation for making outstanding aquarium lights, including remarkable refugium lights. The Kessil H80 is a smaller refugium light that can be used in tighter spaces and is available at a fairly inexpensive price, especially for how well it excels in applications for marine refugia. The Kessil A80 is sold for the same price as the H80, but it can be used to light the display part of and aquarium. This light is specifically designed to replicate the lighting of a shallow tropical reef. It can be used to light refugium as well. The unique shape allows for fanless heat dissipation and permits very low maintenance. AlgaeBarn also sells two other more powerful Kessil lights; the H380 and H160.  If you are looking for a more entry-level light, you can look into getting the Innovative Marine Chaetomax. Don’t forget to consider the AI Fuge 16HD either. All of these excellent lighting options are available on the AlgaeBarn online store, all at your fingertips. It is crucial to get the best lighting you can possibly get because it is a large factor in the health of your macroalgae and the health of your reef aquarium as a whole.

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