Coral Food

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Corals get energy in the form of sugar from microscopic algae that live inside of them called zooxanthellae. This algae is photosynthetic, which means it gets energy from the sun. Although corals get the energy they need from this curious algae, they can bed fed meaty foods as well. In fact, the benefit greatly from being fed regularly. Some hobbyists will argue it is not worth the risk of higher nutrient levels, but that should not be a problem as long as you do not overfeed and have a sufficient filtration system and method of nutrient export. If you do overfeed, it could cause intense algae growth, which would harm the corals. Luckily for you, AlgaeBarn sells BenePets BeneReef, which is okay to feed more often because it is able to bring amazing results without the consequence of increased nitrates. You can also feed your corals OceanMgik (live phytoplankton) which will cause no harm to the nutrient balance in your aquarium. When you feed your corals you will find great rewards of increased growth rates and more vibrant colors. It can also increase the corals’ tolerance to diseases and pests. AlgaeBarn also sells the Ultimate Eco Pack, which is designed with products that will increase the biodiversity of your aquarium with organisms that will feed your corals such as copepods and phytoplankton. The EcoPods come with a diverse blend of different copepods. The PNS Product Combo comes with a live bacterium called PNS Probio and a coral food that simulates marine snow called PNS YelloSno. It also comes with a bottle of OceanMagik phytoplankton. The PNS products are available for purchase on their own as well. Be sure to explore the AlgaeBarn website to learn more about these amazing products. You can use each and every one of these products to benefit your saltwater aquarium by making your corals grow faster and the colors on them pop.

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