Aquarium Starter Packs

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Adding something new to your saltwater aquaria such as a running refugium or a clam can be exciting and interesting, but it can also be expensive and frustrating. You will oftentimes find yourself creating a long list of things you are not sure you even need even after long hours of research. You may be forgetting somethings too!

Fortunately, AlgaeBarn has made it very easy to start your refugium or get your first clam by selling starter packs that include everything you need to begin. The Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack comes with Turbo Start 900, MarinePure 2” cubes, 5280Pods, OceanMagik, and CleanMacro algae.

This pack can be bought in different sizes ranging from small to extra large. They are priced wonderfully as well, starting at $100. Instead of having to compile a list of things you might not need, you can purchase the Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack with everything you need.

Along with that, there is an option to have the pack sent in two shipments for tanks that are not yet fully cycled. This will improve both the efficiency of the cycle and the effectiveness of the starter pack. This is a truly convenient way to buy the things to start your refugium or even boost the one you already have.

Likewise, the Derasa Calm Keeper Kit a practical way to introduce your first clam to your reef tank or add an addition clam. Keeping a Trancid clam is demanding and difficult, but these clams are beautiful and captivating; they are well worth the effort. The Derasa Clam Keeper Kit includes a 6cm clam, a jar of 5280 pods that will help keep the clam’s shell free of algae, a bottle of OceanMagik to feed the clam.

Clam’s, especially younger ones, require a sufficient amount of food to survive. The only issue is that these feedings can pollute the water and unbalance the nutrients in your aquarium’s water. Unlike dead or fake powder or liquid foods, OceanMagik phytoplankton is clean and actually helps clean the water of unwanted forms of benthic algae. Head over to and give these rewarding starter packs a try.

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