Combo: 5280 Pods & OceanMagik Phyto

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5280 Pods Three Species Mix For Maximum Copepod Diversity
Seed Your Aquarium | Increase Pod Populations | Feed Finicky Fish

OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton Blend, Four Nutritious Strains
Feed Copepods | Increase Coral Growth | Reduce Nuisance Algae


Earn up to 280 PodPoints Points.

Our Guarantee

We take the worry out of buying Live Copepods, Phytoplankton, Inverts, and Captive Bred Fish online by going above and beyond to take care of our customers. That’s why we guarantee every order we ship will be 100% Alive On Arrival or we will replace it free of charge. Booya. We’ll even cover the shipping on the replacement no matter which service you choose. Double Booya.

About our policy: When your order arrives, be sure and inspect the contents to ensure everything is looking alive and well before you add them to your tank or put them in the fridge. We’ll give you 12 hours after delivery to make sure you are completely satisfied.

“We will take care of you and make it right”

If for any reason you decide something isn’t quite ultra grade, simply snap a photo of the unopened item(s) you would like replaced. Be sure to get the expiration date on the back label in the photo. After that, visit and submit the form. We’ll review the photo and have a replacement out to you faster than a six-line wrasse at feeding time.

Captive Bred Fish: We guarantee every Live Fish we ship to be 100% Alive On Arrival and we also offer a 7-day health guarantee on all Live Captive Bred Fish. In the event that your fish arrives DOA (Dead On Arrival), simply take a photo of the fish in the unopened bag/jar within 2 hours after delivery and visit to submit the form. If the fish is DOA, we will offer you a choice of either a full refund or a free replacement, including the shipping cost. If the fish expires from natural causes (this does not include being killed by tank mates, jumping out of the aquarium, being acclimated to the wrong environment, not being fed the recommended foods) within 7 days after delivery, just provide a picture of the expired fish and we will offer you a free replacement, however, you must pay for shipping, or a refund, less the shipping cost. We can offer this industry leading guarantee on all of our live fish because Captive Bred fish are generally healthier and hardier than their wild-caught counterparts!

Invertebrates: We guarantee every invertebrate (Invert) we ship to be 100% Alive On Arrival. In the event that your inverts arrive DOA, simply take photos of the DOA items within 2 hours of delivery and visit to submit the form. We will review the photos and issue store credit for any DOA Inverts!

Once your replacement order is processed, we’ll send you a brand new tracking number automatically. Thats it, pretty simple right?

So start giving your tank the love it deserves and order with confidence knowing that AlgaeBarn has your back.

5280 Pods

Whether you are trying to seed a new aquarium or looking to boost Pod populations in your established system, 5280 Pods will get the job done. With 5280+ live copepods in every 16oz jar of 5280 Pods, you can rest assured that finicky feeders such as Mandarin Dragonets, Seahorses, Anthias, Corals, Clams, and other Filter-Feeding Invertebrates will always have a continuous supply of live, nutritious food. Our pods are 100% viable to reproduce within a marine environment. They grow and carry out their natural lifecycle in your aquarium. As some of the smallest mouths in a balanced ecosystem, a healthy population of Copepods is a critical, yet often overlooked part of any “Clean Up Crew”.

We recommend using with our high-quality OceanMagik LIVE Phytoplankton Blend to establish and maintain the healthiest copepod populations.


Packed with omega-3 fatty and amino acids, Tigriopus copepods make a nutritious meal for even the pickiest of fish. These Pods inhabit the water column and jerk around when they move, making them an easy target for your critters. Females will lay hundreds of eggs during their life cycle. They add to your “Clean Up Crew” by consuming detritus, invasive algae, and phytoplankton in your aquarium.


These small and hardy tisbe copepodstend to inhabit the cracks and crevasses of live rock and macroalgae. Hiding helps them to maintain their population in marine aquaria. Their nocturnal nature makes them a sustainable food source in your tank and keeps your fish entertained and “on the hunt”. Tisbe copepods make for a highly nutritious treat for your fish, while adding to your “Clean Up Crew” by consuming detritus, phytoplankton and invasive algae in your aquarium. Think of these guys as the smallest mouths in your food chain.


These hardy copepods are slightly larger than Tisbe pods and slightly smaller than Tigriopus copepods. This intermediate size makes them a healthy live snack for your finicky fish and coral. Apocyclops copepods are extremely nutritious with a very high amino acid and protein content. Apocyclops copepods contain high amounts of Astaxanthin which can enhance and brighten the colors of your fish and coral. These warm water copepods reproduce extremely quickly by laying eggs every 4-6 days, about twice the rate of Tisbe and Tigriopus! Apocyclops copepods feed on phytoplankton, fish waste, and other detritus in your tank, making them a critical part of any clean-up crew.

As juveniles, Apocyclops copepods are benthic, staying hidden in the rockwork, macroalgae, and glass in your aquarium. As Apocyclops copepods mature into adults, they lay eggs before becoming pelagic and making their way into the water column. Once in the water column, they provide a sustainable and nutritious live food source for your fish and corals.

OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton Blend:

OceanMagik is a unique blend of Four Live Phytoplankton species, specifically selected to provide your corals, Pods, and filter feeders a complete diet of highly nutritious essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and carotenoids. OceanMagik will continuously feed your corals, clams, copepods, and other filter-feeding invertebrates. We designed OceanMagik to improve water quality by out competing nuisance algae for Nitrate and Phosphate. As the Live Phytoplankton in OceanMagik reproduces, it consumes nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium. This rapid growth leaves less of these chemicals available for use by unwanted algae – as a result, OceanMagik restrics unwanted growth. Only a LIVE product can offer both of these benefits as “dead” products do not reproduce and immediately begin decomposing into Nitrate and Phosphate. OceanMagik is a natural way to balance your tank and it will not cloud your water. Prolonged use of OceanMagik will also stabilize pH.

What’s In It?

OceanMagik consists of a proprietary blend of four Live Phytoplankton species:


Nannochloropsis gaditana :: Non-flagellated Yellow/Green :: 1 – 5 microns
This tiny green algae consumes several nitrogen waste compounds including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. As a result, Nano helps if you have an overfeeding problem, if you are adding a new critter to your tank, or if you want to reduce the frequency of water changes.


Tetraselmis sp :: Green Biflagellate :: 6 – 10 microns
With a rich and varied amino/ fatty acid profile, Tetraselmis provides a very nutritional feed for your marine life and zooplankton. Due to its highly nutritional makeup, Tet is commonly used in large aquaculture facilities.


Isochrysis galbana :: Brown Biflagellate :: 10 – 14 microns
This complex brown algae is high in DHA and is also often used to enrich zooplankton such as copepods and brine. Dosing your tank with Isochrysis will boost zooplankton and copepod levels. It will also help with the development, coloration, and resilience of your marine life. Isochrysis is the most commonly used algae for oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops


Thalassiosira weissflogii :: Unflagellated Diatom :: 5 – 32 microns
Thal is the largest strain of phytoplankton we offer. As a beneficial diatom, this algae consumes silicates, restricting the growth of harmful dinoflagellates and silicates. Thal has also been shown to reduce cycle time in a new tank.

Additional information

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5,280+ Pods & 16oz Phyto, 10,560+ Pods & 32oz Phyto, 22,000+ Pods & 64oz Phyto, 44,000+ Pods & 1gal Phyto

13 reviews for Combo: 5280 Pods & OceanMagik Phyto

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Came in fast. Was really surprised to see so much movement in the bags.. will definitely be shopping again..

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I waited to review this product and other products from the Algae barn. I have been 100% satisfied with all of the products I have used and applied in all 3 of my aquariums. Each aquarium showed noticeable improvements in water quality and overall happier live stock, fish, corals, and especially the seahorse aquarium. It’s going on 3 years since I first started using Algae Barn products and, everything is thriving!!! :)

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    From my first purchase I’ve been more than satisfied with the product and service.
    Absolutely healthy bags of pods received ready to feed or culture. Love that Swedish Fish bonus!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Wonderful company and great product. Added the pods in my 75g SPS reef tank and I had a Dino outbreak in my refugium, dosed the phytoplankton everyday and with-in two week not one Dino to be seen. When I used my microscope I could watch the pods killing the Dino.
    Order came onetime and packaged well. I will be ordering more soon.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Best Customer Service !! Somehow my order was Delivered to the Wrong Address, & without any Problems i received a Replacement Order !! All The Pods arrived alive and My Mandarin couldn’t be happier. I now have a Bi- Monthly Subscription to Maintain a Healthy Diversity of Pods.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Added this to the tank and see them thriving in the aquarium. Took a random water sample a month later and easily found a tiger pod which makes me think they are reproducing nicely. Also, tank is generally looking cleaner after I added these and have been dosing the phytoplankton. Not sure if it’s related, but the timing lines up!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pods are packed very well! Some online fish/corals stores should take lessons! Also the absolute best customer service!!! I will be a repeat customer for sure.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Love this product! You will see a difference and you will see the pods. Will be placing yet another order. What are you waiting for folks?

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Had some issues with my pods due to ordering during a deep freeze in the northeast. Customer service was great and they stood by their arrive alive guarantee! Very happy with the pods and will be ordering again soon.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arrived alive and a massive amount of pods visible. I put two bags of pods in my new Red Sea reefer and added their phytoplankton and about a month in I have pods everywhere!! I’ll be making plenty of future orders and great customer service!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great product! I ordered the 5280 + Phyto for an establishing 125G reef tank. I just got done with my initial cycle and added my first fish. I chatted with Algae Barn who gave me the go ahead to add pods now so I went and ordered. The shipping was great though shame on USPS for just dropping it off in my mail slot without letting us know. Good thing I found out early!

    So anyway, I dropped the pods in and fed phyto after talking to Frank (live support is stellar btw). He told me to drop the pods straight into my fuge since I didn’t order that many. I keep feeding phyto until diatoms showed up and let the pods do their thing with a new food source available.

    I was a little worried that the pods wouldn’t make it because I didn’t have a lot of fish in the tank and the tank was new. I kept looking for them and saw nothing. Today after about 4 weeks from putting in the tank I looked at my front and side display tank glass and see all these little things running around the glass. I pull out a magnifying glass and see tons of pods all over my glass. I guess these pods have a ton of courage just hanging out in the open in the middle of the day, but it was a treat to see that many. I brought my kids to see and they got all excited seeing this little bugs dash around on glass. Now I know why my wrasse has been picking at my rocks lately!

    Note that the pods have been the only CUC I have added. I have yet to add a coral because I QT EVERYTHING so I’m taking things very slow. I’m amazed there are this many pods now and I’m very satisfied with my order.

    Thank you Algaebarn for your work and keep doing what you do and also YouTubers like Coral12G who promote your business and introduced me to your brand. You have a fan and a customer for life.

    – Mark

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Awesome product that comes quickly and on-time. Plenty of healthy looking pods that I imagine will do better as I continue to add the OceanMagik. Placed 80/20 in DT/refugium and I will keep the same ratios as I add in the OceanMagik. Will be ordering again to keep the populations healthy.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This was a great combo to use, I would recommend this to anyone starting up a new tank (or established tank). But this help seed my new 210 gallon tank

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