Live Foods
The Essentials
Copepods & Phytoplankton work together to form the base levels of a natural marine ecosystem in your tank, while Brine Shrimp make a great supplemental snack for your fish!


What makes a reef aquarium different from a planted or freshwater aquarium? The salt in the water. It adds that extra step of actually mixing up the water before doing a water change. Some people, though very few, use filtered water from the ocean. This is not recommended because that water often has pests in it even though it is filtered. The water chemistry is usually way off as well. Instead, most hobbyists make their water using RO/DI (reverse osmosis deionized) water and some form of salt mix. Some salt mixes are missing major and minor elements and some even have traces of ammonia and nitrate! Why would anyone want ammonia and nitrate in their tank? Rest assured that Fritz RPM Salt, which is the salt that is sold by AlgaeBarn, has no such ammonia, nitrate, or phosphate. Along with that, the salt has all the major and minor elements needed to sustain a reef ecosystem. Fritz RPM Salt also has enhanced calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which allows the water mix to the perfect water chemistry. The water in your aquarium is the base of everything that lives inside of it, and the salt is the base of the water. It is very important to pick the right salt mix! Otherwise, you may find your parameters out of wack and unbalanced and your corals unhappy. This salt is perfect for growing corals, fish only, and refugia. Not only is Fritz our choice of salt, but it is also used and trusted by many other hobbyists, public aquariums, zoos, and research institutions. This salt is truly a premium salt. It is made with only the highest quality raw materials and is made in the Fritz Aquaritcs facility to ensure great quality. The popularity of this salt can attest to how excellent it is. You can trust that Fritz RPM is the best salt and you can trust that AlgaeBarn has picked the best product to sell.