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There is canned food for your dog, canned food for your cat, and yes, canned food for your fish. AlgaeBarn sells canned food from a company called Elos Aquariums. Elos Fresco Food is for both saltwater and freshwater fish. It can be used to feed corals and inverts as well. This food is highly nutritious, which makes it great for feeding aquarium fish and corals. AlgaeBarn sells it in three variants: Fresco Chironomus, Fresco Cyclops, and Fresco Shrimps. The Fresco Shrimps are brine shrimp (Artemia salina), which are captive-bred in clean conditions and fed to reach the ideal nutritional value. These shrimps are packed when they are full of the most nutrients and a special process pasteurizes the food in the can allowing it to keep its nutritional value. They are a primary food item for zooplanktivores in the captive diet. Fresco Cyclops, on the other hand, are great for smaller fish and fry as well. A can of Fresco Cyclops comes with a lot of copepods, enough to feed a tank of hungry corals. They can be fed to finicky fish such as seahorses and mandarin dragonets. Another great thing about Elos Fresco Food is that it does not leave that gross greasy fish food water residue. This also means that the food will not pollute the water as much. Again, the pasteurization process keeps the copepods as fresh as possible and high in nutritious value along with that. This is the main advantage of canned food over frozen food. The Chironomus option is simply a form of fresh bloodworms that are well packaged and high in nutrients like the brine shrimp and copepods. AlgaeBarn also sells another sort of canned copepods by ZooMed. These canned copepods have an extremely long shelf life of over three years! Just as with your fishes’ live food need, AlgaeBarn has the canned food needs covered.

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