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Michael P.

Superior Customer service! I had received my copepods and there was hardly any trace of life in the bag. My friend who I had recommended to the company happened to be over and found it quite funny although I was unimpressed. I contacted the company immediately and filled out a form online. Within 30 minutes they had approved my replacement. An hour later they shipped my replacement one day air. The next day I received the package and I was astonished when I looked inside. Inside was 2 Poseidon’s Feasts and 2 Bottles of live plankton. Not only that but there was a note inside apologizing and instructions to give 1 of each bottle to my friend. I immediately called my friend and he came over and grab his free products provided by Algae Barn. Inside was the business card of the CEO/Co-Founder. Its not every day you see a CEO get so involved with their customers. The replacements are of the quality I expected from the this company and I will continue to do business with this company. As far as I’m concerned if you purchase copepods or plankton from any other company than you are indeed foolish. Superior customer service. Superior products. Superior Employees. End of Story.


“I promise to be a repeat customer. I envy that you do what you love for a living:)
Take Care and thank you again”


Placed a order this Monday for a couple packages of pods. Received them Tuesday, your packaging was great and they survived being outside for a couple hours in the 20’s. Lots of movement in the bags and my fish are going nuts! Thanks again.”

– Dan 


“Just wanted to email you and let you know that I received my package today and everything was intact and alive! Thank you guys for replacing it and for the free phytoplankton!”



“I just wanted to take the time and say thanks again, and how outstanding you guys did! I was very impressed with handling and care you put into my order and how quickly you responded to my emails! I own a small shop here in Ogden Utah, and we will defiantly be ordering from you in the future as well as recommending your company to our customers.”


“Ordered some Copepods and all came in alive! Great service and fast shipping!! Thanks!”


“I received the pods today. Very impressed with whole transaction. I added half to my tank and refugium and will add the rest in a couple days. Thanks”


“I just received pods from here..Finally found a good pod source..shipping free over 40$ purchase. Packaging was great n product good ? very pleased.”



“Pods arrived in good shape and thanks for the free samples. I will be making another order very soon. Thanks”


“Just wanted to let you guys know I got the order – and it was great. Thank you also for sending a free sample of the phyto – I really appreciate the gesture. You have a customer for sure – thank you again.”


“LOVE your product; seeded my prior tank beautifully. Many thanks again for everything! Best regards,”


“Hello,Just want to let you know I received the package and the gift.its the First time using the live phytoplankton and like it. Thank you and talk soon for next order.”



“Got the package today. Pods are in my tank. Thanks!”


“Just want to let you know I received the package and the gift. It’s the First time using the live phytoplankton and like it. Thank you and talk soon for next order.”


John R.

“My wife bought your pods and we would like to thank you for sending this product. It’s well packaged and the pods were alive. We are looking forward to buying more in the future and of course we will let our friends know about your business.”
-John R


“Thanks again for supporting our Marine Science programs.”


“There are bugs swimming all over and no debris collecting on the bottom. Thanks for standing behind your product and send the extra sample of ocean Magic! I will be using you again for sure. Thanks”


“I personally vouch for these guys. Amazing service. And will go miles beyond their commitment to make things right. The pods and phyto were great. My mandarin loves you guys!”


“I ordered from Algaebarn twice in the past month, and have been very happy with both my orders. Both the copecods and phyto came in well, I could see some bigger pods in the bags, and the packaging was great. Thanks!”


“I received my fifth or sixth order from you guys yesterday, and everything came in so well!! I ordered the half gallon of Copepods, and you guys through in free phyto which is GREATLY appreciated. Look how awesome these little pods are happy customer again. You guys never disappoint.”
-Meghan C.


“Awesome, thank you so much! you guys have been great to work with! Being that I keep dragonets and seahorses i’m glad to have found you!”


“Got the package today,everything looks great! Thank you so much….”



“Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived in good shape and in good time. Thanks for the plastic bottle+refill phyto combo, unexpectedly thoughtful of you.”


“I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my first order I received was awesome and you guys rock! So I went ahead and placed my order for the 22,000 pods. Thanks again!”


“I wanted to confirm the pods and phytoplankton arrived today and say thanks.”


Ying Chun

“The company that sold this (AlgaeBarn) is a class act. I wrote them and they sent me a replacement overnight with no arguing and gave me a bonus gift!!!! would shop with them again!”


“Very nice! Thank you!!!!”

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