Aquarium Suction Cup Rental

Wood's Powr-Grip Hand Cup

Made in the USA

Wood’s Powr-Grip Hand Cup

Comprised of an industrial-grade vacuum suction pad and heavy-duty handle and plunger, the Powr-Grip offers a safer and more effortless alternative when lifting and moving large fish tanks (may also work on some styles of cabinetry). Rental prices include shipping and return shipping. Deposit will be refunded upon return of suction cups in good condition. We offer this as a service to the community! We don’t want to take your deposit, please don’t make us!

Rental Prices:

Quantity Of Cups Initial Payment Refund Amount Amount YOU Pay Rental Period
2 Cups $160 $80 $80 30 Days*
4 Cups $320 $210 $110 30 Days*
6 Cups $480 $330 $150 30 Days*
8 Cups $640 $450 $190 30 Days*

*If you need a longer rental period, this can be arranged, please inquire with Customer Service –

+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 640 PodPoints.