Tig Pods Single Species Tigriopus californicus


Each 16oz portion of Tig Pods contains 3000+ LIVE Tigriopus Copepods ranging from nauplii to adult sizes. Tig Pods are great for seeding new tanks and refugiums, boosting existing populations, or feeding finicky fish & inverts such as Mandarins, Seahorses, Anthias, Wrasses, SPS, LPS & NPS Corals, Clams, and most other filter-feeding inverts. Our pods are 100% viable to reproduce in marine aquaria. We recommend using with our high quality OceanMagik LIVE Phytoplankton Blend to establish and maintain the healthiest copepod populations.

Earn up to 155 PodPoints.

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Tigriopus Californicus

Large, red, and packed with omega-3 fatty and amino acids, Tigriopus copepods make a nutritious meal for even the finickiest of fish. These Pods typically inhabit the water column and are very jerky when they move, making them an easy target for your critters. Females will lay hundreds of eggs during their life cycle thus adding to your “Clean Up Crew” by consuming detritus, invasive algae, and phytoplankton in your aquarium.

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3,000+, 6,000+, 12,000+, 24,000+, 3,000+ Pods & 16oz Phyto


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