Marine Pure Ceramic Biofilter Media 1.5″ Spheres


Designed for Ammonia and Nitrite removal but we've found that they also make an excellent habitat for Copepods. One MarinePure Sphere has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5″ bio-balls. See below for detailed information.

Earn up to 27 PodPoints.

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Marine Pure Spheres 1½” Ceramic Biofilter Media: The ideal Copepod habitat

Why does AlgaeBarn like Marine Pure Spheres?

In addition to being one of the most porous and reef safe filtration media’s on the market, we have found that Marine Pure Spheres also make an excellent habitat for copepods. They love to live and reproduce in it and they enjoy the safety and shelter it provides- it’s kind of like an apartment building for copepods that also stabilizes your tank.

Due to its extremely porous nature, water is able to flow through this media instead of just around it meaning fish waste, detritus, and Phytoplankton (pod food) are constantly flowing through and providing the pods with a consistent food source. We like this media so much we are actually using it instead of sand or mud in the AlgaeBarn display tank Refugium. What’s really great is that the blocks can be easily removed for sump cleaning or detritus vacuuming and then replaced without having the hassle and mess of sand or mud that can be hard to clean, cloud the water, and even clog sponges, socks or pumps.

Marine Pure Spheres Ceramic Biofilter Media Information:

Sufficient biological filtration and a healthy zooplankton population are the first steps towards a happy and stable reef tank. We add MarinePure anywhere we can to a refugium, sump, overflow box, nano, or all-in-one tank to provide huge amounts of surface area that can be colonized by bacteria and copepods. We’ve even used one of the 8″x8″x4″ Blocks as a skimmer stand. For comparison, one MarinePure ceramic sphere has the surface area equivalent to 1,350 1.5″ bio-balls!

MarinePure is a biological filtration media engineered to provide the maximum amount of surface area possible with a similar composition to natural reef rock formations. Approximately 150,000 sq. Ft per cu. Ft (510 m2/L) of surface area to be exact. The primary purpose of MarinePure media is to create an ideal environment for large populations of beneficial bacteria that are essential to proper ammonia and nitrite removal in your tank. The larger 8″x8″x4″ Blocks may also help to reduce nitrate in some systems.

Through testing, we have also found that MarinePure media makes an excellent habitat for Copepods because it provides a safe place for them to live, hide, and reproduce.  MarinePure is best used in refugiums, sumps, all-in-one filtration chambers, wet/dry filters, trickle filters, canister filters, and HOB filters. You can also place it anywhere in the tank. MarinePure is a safe, sustainable and eco-friendly product that is not harvested from the ocean and will not introduce unwanted pests into your tank.

MarinePure is an inert ceramic material that makes an excellent substrate for microfauna, coral, and sponge growth. It’s flow through architecture and extremely high surface area allows you to fit nearly 20x the surface area in the same amount of space compared to bio-balls

MarinePure Key Benefits:

  • Provides and excellent habitat for copepods to live, hide, and reproduce.
  • 100% Tested and Reef Safe. MarinePure is inert and chemically stable.
  • An advanced bio-filtration substrate with tons of usable surface area for beneficial bacteria growth.
  • 80%+ open porosity allows for maximum bacteria exposure and promotes excellent water circulation and less clogging
  • Designed specifically to target ammonia and nitrite removal while minimizing nitrates
  • Aragonite composition, similar to natural reef rock, naturally buffers pH and stabilizes water chemistry.
  • Reduces tank maintenance, and allows you to support a larger bioload in your tank.
  • Easy to clean, sterilize, and reuse.

MarinePure Media Product Comparison:

Surface area comparison:
1½” MarinePure Sphere:  Approx 240 sq ft per sphere
2″ MarinePure Cube: approx 720 sq ft per cube
8″x8″x1” MarinePure Block: approx 5,750 sq ft per block
8″x8″x4”MarinePure Block: approx 23,000 sq ft per block

Other Sizes:
MarinePure is also available as 2″ Cubes, 8”x8”x1” Plates or 8”x8″x4” Blocks.
• For additional biological filtration simply set the spheres, cubes, plates, or blocks in your sump. Can also be used in wet-dry filter set ups.
• The Blocks are best suited for larger setups, they also make a great skimmer stand!

Product Note: The images on this page are for informational purposes only. Actual product will be shipped as loose cubes inside protective packaging.

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