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Copepods & Phytoplankton With a purpose

Our Mission

We think the best way to inspire people to protect our oceans is to help them observe, understand and learn from the magnificent creatures that inhabit them. That’s why we produce premium aquacultured marine organisms that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

By providing quality live foods backed by scientific research, we aspire to improve the general health and longevity of ornamental fish. One day we hope to see all marine aquariums filled entirely with aquacultured organisms, thus reducing our hobby’s impact on natural marine environments. The best way to make that vision a reality is to start with the building blocks of all marine ecosystems; Zooplankton and Phytoplankton.

“Inspiring Passion Amongst Aquarists with a Vision for a Sustainable Future”

AlgaeBarn has partnered with multiple charities, foundations, and research institutions with goals to educate, protect and restore our oceans. As biologists, engineers, businessmen, and hobbyists ourselves, we are committed in educating the aquarium community to encourage the proper care of all marine life and to protect our precious blue planet.

In addition to caring for marine life, we promise to always treat people right by providing exceptional customer service and standing behind our products.

Sustainable Aquaculture

We want to see a bright future for our oceans and natural coral reefs, thats why all of our live food products are 100% Sustainable and Aquacultured.

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Alive On Arrival Guaranteed

Here at AlgaeBarn we take the worry out of buying live copepods and phytoplankton online by going above and beyond to take care of our customers.

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Committed to Education

AlgaeBarn believes in the importance of educating children about our oceans. We are a proud sponsor of the Stratton Elementary School Coral Reef Project.

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Moving the Industry Forward

Biota Aquarium and AlgaeBarn are excited to offer captive-bred Mandarins. These fish are a hardier, sustainable alternative to wild caught specimens.

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Get to know our sustainability team

Our team of biologists, ecologists, and engineers come from a diverse background but we all have one thing in common: a passion for sustainable aquaculture.

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